For ecosystems preservation and integration with the economy.


There is a growing need to adjust resource consumption to the natural regeneration capacity of biomes, creating a truly sustainable economy that will be the basis for development in the coming decades.

At the same time, the current model of production and consumption does not widely recognize the importance of services provided by the environment. Global Forest Bond is a Brazilian company whose objective is to integrate the global economy and the preservation of ecosystems, fundamental for the maintenance of human life, through financial products.

We believe that it is possible to finance sustainable development through win-win relationships, rewarding fairly all stakeholders in the production chains for their contribution to preservation.

Forest Preservation Assets

The methodology developed by Global Forest Bond allows the issuance of financial instruments backed by the preservation of native biomes. The Forest Preservation Assets attest, through our own audited methodology, the environmental services generated as a result of the preservation of the biomes. These services include:

  • Climate Regulation
  • Hydrological cycle maintenance
  • Soil maintenance
  • Fauna and flora preservation

Companies can include forest preservation assets can in consumer goods as a tool to offset the use of natural resources in the manufacturing process. Those assets make it possible to reward all the links in the production chain, from the landowner to the industry and the certifying and financial entities which guarantee the integrity of the process.

About Us

Global Forest Bond gathers a multidisciplinary team, aiming at providing innovative solutions for the preservation of ecosystems and the integration with the economy.

Eduardo Marson Ferreira

Senior partner, responsible for strategy and governance

Wilson Tomanik

Senior partner, responsible for operations and methodology

Artur Villela Ferreira

Senior partner, responsible for marketing and commercial area


Global Forest Bond partners were responsible for the implementation of corporate governance and compliance projects in many organizations, with results that became national and international references. We were born with the highest levels of compliance in our DNA, with a focus on transparency and accountability in our activities, and guided by the best practices of the sector recommended by the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC).



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